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Integrated global payments

If you are making hundreds to thousands of international payments per month to support your business operations, yet foreign exchange isn’t part of your core service offering, AFEX offers an API facility to simplify and automate your mass global payments.

At AFEX, we’ve pioneered global payments. It’s what we do best and what we have been doing for thousands of clients since 1979.


By integrating with our global payments platform via our API, you can automate your own international payments, or offer seamless functionality to your customers. This functionality includes sending or receiving payments in more than 180 countries around the clock from almost anywhere in the world.

Key benefits of integrating with our API include:

  • Operational Efficiency:

• Payment processing:

• Incoming
• Outgoing

• Beneficiary validation

  • Access to AFEX Global Infrastructure: Entry into new markets
  • Commercials:

• Possible reduced pricing and/or fees
• New revenue stream

  • Security: our API includes TLS/SSL encryption and authenticates all requests with unique keys to assure your account is secure.
  • Partnership:

• Customer Service
• Project Consultation
• Client Engagement


How it works

Using our developer-friendly API, you can connect your existing ERP software or technology ecosystem through simple integration to create or tailor your own interface to suit your needs.

Our demo environment, complete with live FX rates, offers your developers a non-production environment to explore our API solution in real-time.

Partner with us

Our international payment solutions can become part of your business: streamline your service, enter new markets, and increase revenue from your existing customers. Our experts will work with you to determine the best solutions for your exact business requirements. This tailored, personal service is unmatched in the global payment industry.

Get in touch

If you would like to speak to our Integrated Payment Solutions team about our solutions for your business, or to request access to our developer demo environment, please get in touch.