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Stuart Holmes, General Manager EMEA

“My name is Stuart Holmes and I am the General Manager EMEA here at AFEX. I have worked in the global payments industry for more than twelve years and joined AFEX in 2004 to lead the UK market entry for AFEX.


Since 2004, I have been responsible for developing a team of sales professionals, accountable for generating all of AFEX’s global revenue. During my tenure as Global Sales Director, we have achieved significant growth. I wholeheartedly believe the reason for this success is because we all live and breathe the AFEX vision of ‘being a trusted business partner’. 


As of January 2014, I have moved to my new role as General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, our largest region. I am now responsible for all P&L activities in the region while managing teams in the regional offices in London, Tel Aviv, and Zurich.”


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