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We can provide you with a strategic FX plan that can run throughout the year, so that you can supply your travel customers with the best rates for all their vacation needs.


Key benefits of our solutions include:


  • Minimize your FX exposure
  • Maximize wealth creation opportunities
  • Future planning for peak travel times
  • Rapid support for customers in need of currency


Our expert travel team understands that currency movements can have a significant impact on your profits. With a little planning, we can help you manage all of your expected foreign currency transactions and invoices. Our team will work with you to manage your foreign currency exposure from all of your overseas holiday resorts, hotels and or airlines.


Bureaux de change

We also have two bureaux de change in the USA; one in New York and one in Beverly Hills. Please click here for addresses and contact details.


Prefer to talk?

If you represent a travel agency and you would like to learn about how our foreign exchange solutions can help support your business throughout the year, please get in touch.


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