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Global payments, simplified

Foreign exchange rates change second by second, and it’s not always clear what a global payment will cost you. Market dynamics and currency volatility are unpredictable and a little murky, but what IS real is the potential effect on your company’s bottom line.  Depending on what your purpose is in trading in international markets, you may be subject to one of four main types of risk.

Transactional risk occurs when one is exchanging one currency for another to buy or sell goods and services. This is the most common kind of risk, as a change in the underlying currency rates can impact your cost and your revenues.

Translational risk affects the value of assets and liabilities held abroad. Translational risk can occur when a foreign-denominated investment, loan, or asset needs to be valued in the home currency for reporting or accounting purposes. If the relative value of either currency changes from one reporting period to the next, it can show up on the balance sheet as a loss or gain.

Economic risk is caused by external factors, such as a natural disaster, a political shakeup, or dramatic change in monetary policy, and typically affect revenues generated abroad.

Operational risk can occur at any point in the accounting process. As a business grows and complexity increases, legacy systems and practices for processing transactions, reconciling invoices, and reporting may not keep up. Efficiency (and profits) can be affected by manual errors and the extra time spent to track and correct them; opportunities for growth or investment may be missed as a result.

Unique solutions, just for you

All of our global payment solutions are customized to meet your exact requirements.  We ensure transactions are processed promptly and provide up-to-the-minute market information – including trading opportunities that match your objectives.  We process global payments:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • in over 200 countries
  • for more than 35,000 customers
  • in just about every business category

Online global payments

Our online solution provides peace of mind by giving you access to your foreign currency balances 24/7, from practically any location. Free, flexible and easy to use, AFEXDirect puts you on top of changing conditions in the market.

Dedicated Relationship Managers

You are never alone. Whenever you have a question or concern, simply contact your dedicated Relationship Manager, who will be happy to help and advise you accordingly. Part of our philosophy is about working together to achieve successful outcomes, so please be assured that we are here to help, at all times.

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