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Settlement options for corporate and treasury

Settlement options vary depending on your exact requirements. Rest assured, however, that all our Settlement options are secure and timely, using either SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) or SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).



SEPA is an initiative of the European banking industry, which makes all electronic Euro payments as easy to process as domestic payments. 



SWIFT is the world’s largest global payments network. It is a secure, reliable solution for setting up payment templates for suppliers and vendors, as well as collecting transaction information from banks across the world.


Award-winning settlement options

We are 100% committed to ensuring your settlements are made in a timely, secure and seamless manner. Our payment options are so efficient we have earned the Deutsche Bank ‘Straight Through Processing Award’ five years in a row.


Same day transactions

Same day transactions are available through the fastest, safest channels available.


International Wire Transfers

Electronic Wire Transfers, powered by the SWIFT system, are a fast and secure method of payment delivery.


Incoming and outgoing Wire Transfers

We can also convert funds from your foreign currency balances into home currency, or even collect payments directly from foreign customers by Wire Transfer.


Bank Drafts and Wire Transfers

Bank Drafts and Wire Transfers can be received and converted for you much faster through our system than through most banks. And, we offer an added benefit - when receiving foreign funds you do not have to convert them immediately as we can hold your fund in foreign currency until you are ready to convert the funds.


Conversion of foreign Bank Drafts and Cheques

When international customers pay you by cheque in foreign currency, we will collect the funds and convert them faster than a bank.


Cross-Currency Services

With our Cross-Currency services, wired funds do not have to be converted into the home currency first. For example, a Swiss client receives Canadian dollars from a customer and would like the funds transferred to a specific Euro account instead of a Swiss Franc account. We can receive Canadian dollars and wire Euros directly to the client’s Euro account without needing to convert to Swiss Francs in between.


Get in touch

If you would prefer to discuss your settlement options with our team, please get in touch.

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