AFEXDirect for private individuals

AFEXDirect is our online solution for everyday people who want to manage international payments more effectively. It provides peace of mind by giving you access to your foreign currency balances 24/7, from practically any location. Free, flexible and easy to use, AFEXDirect puts you on top of changing conditions in the market.

Easy to use and free

It’s easy to open an AFEXDirect Account – once you’ve opened your AFEX Account, all you need to do is provide us with a few additional details and we will get you set up right away.

Why should I use AFEXDirect for my foreign exchange?

We have developed an industry-leading online payment solution, trusted by many thousands of customers.

  • Create and execute Spot Transactions and Forward Contracts.
  • Receive automatic verification of beneficiary banking details.
  • See a full history of all of your foreign exchange transactions and payments.
  • Full adherence to international banking and compliance requirements.
  • Choose from several different settlement methods including Wire Transfer, CHAPS, BACS, check, PAD/Direct Debit /ACH and multiple settlement accounts
  • Plan and manage cash flow with separate totals of currencies purchased and scheduled payments for future release dates.

What's Next?

Set up your account. Still have questions?  Read through our FAQ before getting started.